I’m a Free Man! – Posted by Elias

Today I am a free man. I have had a bad situation with IRS and NYS for the last 14 years. I have gone through 3 different TAX/CPA Attorneys and spent 10s of thousands of dollars and no one was able to help my situation.

January of this year I met Richard M. Gabor, Esq, through FB and Linked In. We met he gave me great advice, took my case. Today he walked out of court with me a “Free Man” with a “Clean Slate” and no more Tax and Credit issues. Done and on my way to a new financial future. I thank God for my great success and for putting Richard in my path. In 5 months Richard accomplished what 3 other Attorneys couldn’t even put a dent on in 14 years. Thanks Richard Gabor and Associates, you have a friend for life!

Very happy with the outcome – Posted by Leonard

I was very happy with the outcome but disappointed that it took 10 months to reach an agreement.

Response by Richard M. Gabor:

We were very happy with the outcome too, having the IRS reduce your debt owed from $76K to only $6.5K. But you must remember that although we jumped on your case, the IRS handles millions of cases a year & there is always a time backlog due to the overwhelming number of cases the IRS reviews.

Unbelievable Attorney – 5.0 stars – Posted by Barry

I can’t say enough about Mr. Gabor. I had an IRS business problem where I ended up with a 90k lien on my home. Mr. Gabor immediately put my mind at ease which allowed me to go back to my day to day living and not worry about it. Sure enough my faith in him was validated as he negotiated the amount down from 90k to 15K and got them to put me on a payment plan. Kudos to Mr. Gabor & staff.

With Gratitude – 5.0 stars – Posted by anonymous

Richard Gabor is an unbelievable attorney. He actually cares about his clients and gets the job done. My corporation had filed chapter 11 due to tax issues. The IRS was threatening to convert the case to a chapter 7 and basically put me out of business. Richard Gabor took over the case and has saved my business.

He’s the best tax attorney! -5.0 stars – Posted by Dr. David

I went to Mr. Gabor owing $500K in income tax. He reviewed all my past returns and discovered some major differences in treatment. He amended 2009, finding a tax loss that I was able to carry back. When he completed the project, I did not owe any money, and I am also entitled to a refund of $200K. Great job!

Outstanding Firm -5.0 stars – Posted by Neal

The services rendered by your office have been exceptional and everyone has been professional and courteous to deal with. You truly have a great staff that instills trust and honesty.


I had a very difficult child custody case. I spoke with many different lawyers about this case. Mr. Gabor was the only lawyer who took the time to speak with me and give me advice even before I retained him as my lawyer. Mr. Gabor knew that this was a very sensitive case especially since it involved a child. Mr. Gabor had spent many hours researching my case and making sure that he crossed every T and dotted every I. Mr. Gabor was very sensitive to not only my needs but the needs and wants of my child. My friend recommended Mr. Gabor to me knowing the sensitivity of this case. And I have to I’m so grateful that she did. Mr. Gabor went above and beyond his call of duty. But most important to me Mr. Gabor always fought for what was in the best interest for me and my child. I will use Mr. Gabor for all my needs that I may need an attorney for. I’m forever grateful to Mr. Gabor and still till this day I can’t stop thanking him for a job very well done!!!!

Great Litigator – 5.0 stars – Posted by James

I was being sued and Mr. Gabor represented me. The case went all the way to trial, and not only did the plaintiff not recover, I won $300,000 on a counterclaim

Great Attorney – 5.0 stars – Posted by Matt

Was very caring to all my needs