New York City IRS Tax Law Attorney

Dealing with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is quite complex. There is too much red tape and too many regulations that an individual might not even be aware of. In attempting to settle a tax dispute with the IRS, it is wise to have the professional representation of a New York City IRS tax law attorney.

Our goal is to level the playing field in tax disputes with the government.

At Gabor Tax Law Associates, we make it a point to provide individuals with honest answers to their questions and a realistic assessment of their situation. We have a great deal of experience helping individual taxpayers as well as a multitude of industries including retail oil, home security, building supply, contractors, builders, multinational companies, Internet entrepreneurs, soft- and hard-good manufacturers and the service industry. We understand that anyone can easily get involved in a tax matter, and it is our job to guide clients through these difficult times.

Our firm is known for aggressively assisting taxpayers in defending their rights through an audit, appeal, negotiation or litigation. We pride ourselves on advising our clients as to their status in the dispute every step of the way and placing their needs above all else. Our firm remains accessible, responsive, energetic, sincere and diligent throughout the case. Our clients trust us to keep them involved in the case and we deliver on that expectation.

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