A Few Words From Our Firm’s Founder Richard M. Gabor

First a few words by our firms founder Richard M. Gabor


A client currently owes over $600,000 in taxes. While we believe we can get the amount down to ZERO, client insists we accept the IRS’ most recent offer of $56,000. He doesn’t want to take any additional risks.

“We alleviate the tax burdens that weigh our clients down and hold them back. We are driven to reinvent how to master the complexity of the modern tax code. That is our passion. No one knows it better. Where others see rules and regulations, we see opportunity. Where some see codes and constrictions, we see what could be. Where others say “we’re done here,” we say, “let’s get started.” We do not rest until we’ve created value and delivered results that offer relief to our clients and revenue to the bottom line.

This is the core principle that our firm was founded upon.”

Just received this note from a client:


Your help and support allowed me to get through one of the toughest years of my life. As things were collapsing around me, you helped me to keep a straight head and make smart offensive and defensive decisions. You acted both as a friend and an adviser, and I needed both. I will pull through, rebuild and prevail in 2017.”

From a friend:

“Dear Richard, just a little something to say thank you for friendship and help during our rough time – you have been a godsend to us and we’ll never forget it – thanks a million.”

I say this from a friend and not a client- The reason our firm is so successful is because we truly care for our clients and their pain is our pain, their joy becomes our joy. Our clients become our friends and extended family.


Client owed $196,000 in sales tax. Settled for $27,000, payable over 48 months!!!

Tax problems go away, call on Gabor today!!!

Another deal done with the IRS. Pennies on the dollar!!

This is a copy and paste from his email:

“WOW!! I am so happy!! Finally after 7 Years, this reign of terror will finally come to a close. I want to express my deepest gratitude for all the hard-work you and your team over at Gabor have done for me and my family.”